People are hearing a lot about global warming and climate change in the news, on television, from the newspaper, radio and even on the internet. In many places, it is the topic often mentioned everyday discussions.  Many governments are trying to encourage their citizens to help, stop, or at least slow down global warming. This is because it has changed the way our climate behaves.


What is Global Warming?  It is the rise in the temperature of the earth, which results in great changes in our climate.  It is generally believed to be caused by the thinning of our ozone layer, and it is due to our undisciplined method of survival here on earth.  One main reason for global warming is the pollution that comes from smoke from industrial plants, and emissions from our cars and other machinery.


What are the effects of Global Warming?


  1. This category includes extreme weather in our world. This means that if it is cold, it will be extremely cold, and when it is hot, it will be extremely hot. Another environmental effect is the sudden rise in sea level.  It may be caused by the melting of ice in some parts of the planet, due to very hot temperatures.  It is expected that much of our ecosystem is facing extinction, such as mangroves, coral reefs and caves.  This is all because of a very hot temperature to come.  This will also lead to an increase in volcanic activity and landslides.
  2. Social System. This phenomenon will greatly affect human beings through food production and health. Extreme hot temperatures will cause the low production of crops and other agricultural products, which in turn results in poor health due to malnutrition.
  3. Human Displacement. In some countries which are low lying, this is expected to happen. With the fast rising of sea levels, low lying countries’ population may tend to be displaced.
  4. The economy in this world is greatly affected. Many industrialized countries will need to find alternative ways to continue operating their plants.  It will require them to spend more.  Repairing infrastructures that will be damaged due to climate change are expected.
  5. Imminent damage to infrastructure is expected with the instability of the soil. It will affect bridges, buildings and many more infrastructures in the very near future.

The effects of Global Warming would be very dangerous to humanity and if left unattended, will cause the extinction of all living things in the future.


This is a very big problem humanity is facing, and this concerns every citizen of this world. It is not only the responsibility of leaders in this world but each person that lives here as well. Policies and regulations are now introduced, through different governments, and there is not so much awareness being spread among the people. Still, some people do not cooperate and are insensitive to the matter.  They still continue to use materials that greatly affect our environment.  Carbon dioxide is still continuously emitted in the air, contributing to global warming.

This world is for us to live in.  Humans are responsible for taking care of our planet. Destroying it will only lead to us destroying ourselves. People must be responsible to survive.