1. It is a Non – Commercial Organization

The first important fact that you need to know about the climate registry is that it is an organization which is non–profitable and is subjected to the administration of the government in the United States and territories and provinces of Canada. The main operation of this organization is to create and manage both voluntary and mandatory greenhouse gas programs which need to be reported globally. Furthermore, it also assists other organizations which include measurements, reports, and verification of carbons in each of its operations so that the organizations can have a way to control and manage it. They are also responsible for making consultations with the governments whether in the national and international countries that have relevance in greenhouse gas aspects.


  1. It Has a Significant History

The Climate Registry organization has been established in the year of 2007 to resume the operations of the registry of Climate Action in California or also known as CCAR. The CCAR organization became the foundation and instrument for the development of The Climate Registry also called as TCR. TCR was an established organization which is responsible for continuing and expanding the mission of CCAR so that the scope of the area they can control and manage would be larger and not only in a certain area. TCR received the transitioned members of CCAR officially in the year of 2010. But in commemoration for the CCAR, it became a program of the Climate Action Reserve which is a sister organization of TCR.


  1. It Has a Long, and Distinguished List of Participants

When the launching of The Climate Registry became official, it immediately gained a long list of participants coming from the states of the United States and provinces of Canada. Some of the US States are Arizona, Oregon, New York, Washington, Florida, Vermont, Hawaii and other famous states while, some of the provinces in Canada who took part are Manitoba, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador and even Ontario. But when the year of 2009 on September 24, most of all the territories and provinces of Canada have already participated in the registry so that the areas it can control and manage would become extensive which would make it more effective and potent.


As what stated above, you now have the idea of what are the important facts that you need to know about The Climate Registry. With this, you now also realize that it plays a very important role in the sustainability of the environment of the world. So, if you want to know more about this matter, you can ask the help of a person who is familiar with this topic.