History of the Industry

The coal mining industry in the United States began in the early years before the 1950s when coal is the main source of fuel that is essential to the country. In this time, the coals can be found in the east of Mississippi’s underground mines. But as the years pass; the industry encounter difficulties as the people had found another alternative source of fuel other than coal in the year of 1970s. In spite of this, the industry overcomes it and still became available in the year 2000 when most of the coal that is produced came from the west area of Mississippi.


Production of Coal Mining

Coal mining production in the United States had its apogee in the year of 2008 when it set a record of a 1,172 million short tons production and its lowest peak in 2016 when it has only a record of 728.2 million tons production which is a 37 percent decreased. The three areas that produced the highest number of coal production are the basins of Powder River, Appalachian, and especially Illinois respectively. In addition to this, there are also three primary types of coal that can be produced and use for different purposes. It includes anthracite which is known for being the hardest type and typically used as a material for the production of steels, bituminous which is a softer type, and lastly the lignite type and sub-bituminous which are the most softer type of coal and outclass the bituminous type in the year of 2000.


Uses of Coals

In the time of 2013, the leading use of coal that is produced is specifically for the generation of electrical energy while the other uses are for industrial, manufacturing, and also for commercial and institutional purposes respectively. As the year of 2016 came, the US energy administration stated that the coal produced by the coal mining industry could provide the generation of electricity up to 30 percent in the entire nation along with the support of natural gas, nuclear energy and even renewable energy. With this, it only goes to show that coals are very important and it plays a vital role in the development and growth of the nation.


Now that you have the idea of what are the important things you must know about coal mining in the United States, you are now more familiar and knowledgeable about it. And if you want to know more, you can also ask an expert on this topic.